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Rio Carnival Trip is an amazing adventure, during which you will take part in the largest carnival in the world and learn about Brazilian culture. Participants from all over the world will dance together with one of the best Brazilian samba schools on the Sambodromo in Rio de Janeiro in original costumes straight from the school’s atelier.

Thanks to my trips to Rio and participation in carnivals, in the highest dance positions, I have the opportunity to invite you, once again, to be a member of the school and to actively participate in the parade on the Sambodrom.

Carnival is for everyone! You do not need to be able to dance, you do not need to know enredo, there will be workshops in Rio de Janeiro to prepare you for this extraordinary event. Workshops on dancing, singing, a lecture on the history of the carnival and a comprehensive instruction will allow you to get closer to the culture and tradition of Brazilians and feel more the charms of the carnival.


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